We areABKHoldings

Who are we?

ABK Holdings takes pride in each one of our fully owned properties. We provide exceptional property maintenance and support exceeding our tenants expectations. Each property is meticulously maintained according to our premium standards. With owning and managing over one dozen commercial and residential properties in the Northern Virginia area.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential property, please feel free to browse our online listing to see if anything interest you.

Our Service

We provide residential & commercial rental properties.

Rental Service

ABK provides a rage of property rentals, from commercial warehouses and medical office to residential town homes and houses.

Holding Company

ABK takes pride in themselves for owning all of the properties we rent, both commercial and residential.

Property Managenment

We provide exceptional maintenance and upkeep in aligned with our high standards. All of our properties are treated with love and pride.